Panaït Istrati’s Russia Unveiled: A Forgotten Classic Of Opposition To Stalinism

The Romanian writer Panaït Istrati (1884-1935) seems to be virtually unknown in the U.S., although the recent republication of his first novel, Kyra Kyralina by Talisman House may serve to remedy this situation somewhat. Biographical information about him is not in abundance in English and, sadly, I have had to rely on the Wikipedia entry […]

New Dunayevskaya text in Marxists Internet Archive

The Marxists Internet Archive has just made available a 1953 text by Raya Dunayevskaya, “Malenkov Pledges H-Bomb and Caviar.” This document appeared in Correspondence, the newspaper of the group that had been known as the Johnson-Forest Tendency until 1951, when its members openly broke with Trotskyism and left the Socialist Workers Party to embark upon […]

New Dunayevskaya text on Marxists Internet Archive

The Marxists Internet Archive has just made available one of Raya Dunayevskaya’s analyses of the political aftermath of Stalin’s death in March of 1953. “Russian Regime Cannot Afford a Beria Show Trial,” which appeared in Correspondence on January 9, 1954, recounts the execution of Lavrenti Beria, chief of the Russian secret police, in the context […]

A Letter from Coyoacan, 1938

André Breton broke resolutely with the Communist Party of France and the international apparatus of Communist parties in 1935, leaving behind forever former Surrealists such as Louis Aragon and Paul Eluard. Breton’s criticisms of the counter-revolutionary monstrosity the Stalin version of socialism had become are magnificently expressed in the indispensable essays of Political Position of […]

Death in Stalin’s forest

Class Cleansing: The Massacre at Katyn by Victor Zaslavsky Telos Press, 2008. 133 pp. I hesitate to review anything connected to the Telos school. The journal has undergone a precipitous theoretical decline from its origin as a center of phenomenological Marxism, critical theory, and council communism to become a vehicle for the Americanization of French […]