André Breton, born February 19, 1896

In honor of André Breton’s birthday, I am supplying a link to a scanned full-text image of his book Arcane 17. This image appears in the Hathi Trust Digital Library, which is a consortium of university libraries serving as an academic supplement to the (controversial) Google Books project. I intend to comment on the Google Books project in a future post.

This is a scan of the first widely-available edition of Arcane 17, Breton’s wartime meditation on the prospects for humanity’s future, as the original edition was a limited number illustrated by Roberto Matta. This edition appeared under the imprint of the bookstore Brentano’s. 

One thought on “André Breton, born February 19, 1896

  1. HathiTrust has been tightening up its criteria for “Full View” items. Unfortunately, this edition of Arcane 17 is now in “Limited” status.

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