Department of Needed Translations: Ernst Bloch, Again

The HathiTrust Digital Library has made available a scan of a copy of Ernst Bloch’s, Thomas Munzer, Theologian of Revolution. This book, which has not been translated into English, was first published in 1921—between the Kapp Putsch and the onset of the Ruhr Crisis.

With the recent publication by Verso of a new edition of Atheism in Christianity, it seems like a good time to pursue Bloch translations. Among his other untranslated works (aside from Subjekt-Objekt, previously discussed on this blog) is Avicenna and the Aristotelian Left, from the period of his return to Germany after World War II.

It seems incredible that, in a time of heightened interest in an encounter between Islamic and Western thought, this book has not yet appeared in English.

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