HathiTrust Introduces Full PDF Downloads

Along with the release of a new viewing interface, the HathiTrust Digital Library has just introduced the option to download a full PDF version of public domain and other freely-available texts. You will see the terms under which the text is available in the record. There is a wealth of valuable material available in the library and I have provided a few selected links below.

• • •

The Poverty of Philosophy by Karl Marx
(Charles H. Kerr & Company edition, translated by H. Quelch)

The Paris Commune by Karl Marx
(New York Labor News Company, includes “The Civil War in France”)

The Theoretical System of Karl Marx in the Light of Recent Criticism by Louis Boudin
(Charles H. Kerr & Company edition of an important study of Marx by a leader of the pre-WW I U.S. socialist movement. This work was cited favorably by Isaak Rubin in his important Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value)

The Workers Opposition in Russia by Alexandra Kollontai
(I don’t completely agree with the position, but this is a beautiful scan of an IWW edition of the platform of the Workers Opposition)

Community and Communism in Russia by Jacques Camatte
(Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of work by Camatte translated into English. This document dates from his Bordigist period.)

Theses on the Commune by Guy Debord, et al
(A Situationist text. The quality of the scan is poor.)

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