Criticism &c. Is Four Years Old

Criticism &c. passed its four-year anniversary on January 2. Although the pace of new posts slowed dramatically in 2013, we still managed to accumulate over 5,000 views from almost 100 different countries. The most frequently viewed post of 2013 was ‘Ascent to the heights’: Ernst Bloch’s A Philosophy of the Future, which points readers to a full-text scan of Bloch’s book available in the Internet Archive. This post dates from 2010.

Our firm resolution is to add new material to Criticism &c. on a more regular basis in the coming year. Among other things, readers can anticipate a review Dave Black’s Philosophical Roots of Anti-Capitalism: Essays on History, Culture, and Dialectical Thought.

Please continue to visit Criticism &c. Comments  and other communications are encouraged (see “About” page for e-mail address). Don’t mourn. Criticize.

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