100 Years Ago: International Socialist Review and Mother Earth

Covers of the International Socialist Review and Mother Earth Magazine from December 1914. War was well underway in Europe and, while isolationist sentiment and Wilsonian neutrality ISR Vol XV No 6still predominated in the U.S., the pro-intervention movement was begining to gather its forces. The ISR, edited by Charles H. Kerr, regularly featured contributions from the anti-war minority of the splintered Second International. This issue featured an article by Anton Pannenkoek titled “The War and Its Effects.”

The war impacted the anarchist movement as well as the socialists.  Peter Kropotkin sided with Russia against the Central Powers. This issue of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth Magazine carried the second part of a serialization of Kropotkin’s “Wars and Capitalism” (1913) in an attempt to rescue the Russian anarchist’s reputation from himself. Goldman and Mother Earth Vol IX No 10Berkman published a piece by Kropotkin (“Kropotkin on the Present War”) outlining his pro-war view in the previous issue of the magazine, followed by a critical comment by Berkman.

Full runs of both journals can be viewed in the HathiTrust Digital Library.


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