One Hundred Years Ago: February 1916

The organized bloodshed in Europe entered a new phase in February as the battle of Verdun began on the morning of February 21. In the U.S., antipathy to the war continued to predominate, but President Wilson was well into a commitment to gradually prepare


Cover by L. Stanford Chumley

the country’s relatively small army and navy for entry into conflict. This month’s issue of the International Socialist Review opens with the text of a strong anti-preparedaredness speech delivered by Frank Bohn on January 5 in Carnegie Hall in New York. The Masses features a beautiful cover by African-American artist


Cover by L. Frank Walts

Frank Walts. Anarchist Alexander Berkman has recently launched a new publication in San Franciso called The Blast. The cartoon on the cover of the issue dated February 12  depicts the situation of women in a period when the most general reproductive planning information was outlawed as obscene, at least for those


Cover by Lydia Gibson

outside of the ruling class. Activists Margaret Sanger and her ex-husband William worked closely with Emma Goldman and Berkman during this period. The caption reads, “The Boss’s wife can buy information to limit her family. The Boss can buy your children to supply his factories with cheap labor.”


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