Surrealism and the Non-White World: Three New Books

Three new titles of interest:

The Great Camouflage: Writings of Dissent (1941-1945) by Suzanne Césaire (Wesleyan University Press)

Writings from the pathbreaking journal Tropiques, edited by Aimé and Suzanne Césaire, poets of Martinique.

• • •

Lost Worlds, Forgotten Futures, Undreamed Ecstatsies: Some Thoughts On The Relationship of Surrealism To The Mayan Millennium & To Each His Own Pluriverse by Penelope Rosemont (Charles H. Kerr)

New from one of the founding members of the Chicago Surrealist Group.

• • •

Exile Is My Trade: A Habib Tengour Reader by Habib Tengour (Black Widow Press)

Algerian writer Habib Tengour’s Maghrebian Surrealism is included in Black Brown and Beige: Surrealist Writings from Africa and the Diaspora.

• • •

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