Scanned Text: Ernst Bloch’s Geist der Utopie

The Hathi Trust Digital Library has made available a full-view image of the first edition of Ernst Bloch’s Geist der Utopie. Bloch was to publish a revised edition in 1923, but the one available here is the original 1918 version. A partial English translation of the book’s final section, “Karl Marx, Death, and the Apocalypse,” […]

‘Capitalist Rule Is Caught In Its Own Trap’

Capitalist rule is caught in its own trap, and cannot ban the spirit that it has invoked. —Rosa Luxemburg, The Junius Pamphlet (1915) *** I don’t often express enthusiasm about the appearance of new left groups, but I have come across a case in which I’m at least willing to withhold judgment. The International Luxemburgist […]