NATO in Chicago: Is the Whole World Watching?

NATO meets in Chicago at a time when its foundations are being profoundly undermined by the ongoing economic crisis. While the heads of state and defense ministers in attendance may hope that discussions of economic matters are left to the near-concurrent G8 meeting (six G8 members are signatories to the NATO agreement), there is no […]

Rosa Luxemburg in the HathiTrust Digital Library

The HathiTrust Digital Library contains full-text scans of three Rosa Luxemburg classics. Two U.S. editions of the Junius pamphlet are available, as well as the first U.S. edition of her critique of the Russian revolution. The latter was translated by Bertram Wolfe and published in 1940 by Workers Age, the Lovestoneite publishing house. In addition, […]

‘Capitalist Rule Is Caught In Its Own Trap’

Capitalist rule is caught in its own trap, and cannot ban the spirit that it has invoked. —Rosa Luxemburg, The Junius Pamphlet (1915) *** I don’t often express enthusiasm about the appearance of new left groups, but I have come across a case in which I’m at least willing to withhold judgment. The International Luxemburgist […]